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  2. Plankton was first created by Stephen Hillenburg as a potential villain for the show. However, he later feared that Plankton's stories would get repetitive and predictable. During the production of season one, Hillenburg demoted Plankton from a main character to a minor one; he insisted that Plankton would work better as a one-time guest star.
  3. Plankton and Plankton is the 5th episode of season 1 of Plankton Moves. Plankton Plankton 2 (Plankton is sitting down in a coffee shop) Plankton: (sips coffee) aaaaa Nothing like a good coffee first thing in the mor- (looks at other plankton) Plankton 2: (sips coffee) aaaaa Nothing like a good coffee first thing in the mor- (looks at plankton) (Plankton walks towards other plankton.
  4. Plankton refers to any seabound organism that can't swim against the current, drifters. Phytoplankton Phytoplankton are minute (extremely small) plants that float on the surface or in the sunlight.
  5. The Phronima, a species of plankton served as a model for the Alien Monster. Transparent pelagic ctenophores, gelatinous animals that are part of predatory macro-plankton species, have inspired certain creatures in James Cameron's Abyss. 3- Ethimology. The word Plankton comes from the ancient Greek "planktós" which means "wandering".
  6. Sheldon J. Plankton and Karen are fictional characters in the American animated television series SpongeBob tremenunubpiati.bapccizorasiquatycmyaquicunniter.infoinfo are respectively voiced by Mr. Lawrence and Jill tremenunubpiati.bapccizorasiquatycmyaquicunniter.infoinfo first appearance was in the episode "Plankton!" that premiered on July 31, They were created and designed by marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of the series, with .
  7. Plankton Home Culture 1 Culture 2 Culture 3 Culture 4 Results Writing portion Works Cited Hypothesis and Guiding Question 02/05/ If I adjust the amount of fertilizer to phytoplankton, then the photosynthesis rate will change. What is the impact of plants on the carbon system?.
  8. Oct 25,  · This Device Has Been Measuring the Ocean’s Plankton Since the s Largely unchanged since it was invented, the Continuous Plankton .
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